Sarasota and Tampa Slip & Fall Accidents

Premises liability is an area of civil law that makes property owners responsible for slip and fall injuries sustained on their property in some circumstances. Property owners or anyone who has control of the premises, such as a homeowner, business, government agency, or an agent representing the owner, could be subject to a personal injury claim if they don’t take reasonable steps to prevent injuries. However, the injured party must prove that their negligence caused your injuries. Since Florida premise liability laws are complex, it’s best to have a Tampa personal injury lawyer on your side who can hold the appropriate parties accountable for what has happened.

Licensee, Invitee, or Trespasser

Whether someone has a premise liability claim or not depends on their purpose for being on the property.

An “invitee” visitor is typically invited onto the premises for business reasons. Examples of invitees include a shopper, a visitor to public property, and social guests.

The property owner has a duty to their invitees to keep the property in a safe condition. If danger is present that cannot be immediately remedied, they must warn invitees of the condition, such as by placing a “wet floor” sign near a freshly mopped floor. The property owner also has a duty to inspect the site routinely. For example, a grocery store owner or their agents must regularly check floors for substances to help prevent anyone from slipping and falling.

A “licensee” is on the property for a reason that directly benefits them. For instance, if an individual enters a store to get change but not to shop, they are a licensee. Even though they weren’t there to benefit the property owner, the property owner still must post warning signs and remove hazards to keep them safe when appropriate. Otherwise, they can be held liable for any injuries that result.

Finally, people who enter the property without permission are known as trespassers. Even though they don’t have permission and could be on the property for nefarious purposes, they are still legally entitled to an extent of reasonable protection. For example, an unmarked open hazard could make a property owner liable.

Responsibility of Property Owners

Property owners have specific legal responsibilities no matter the visitation status of the individual entering the property. Some of these responsibilities are:

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