Florida Insurance Coverage Attorneys

Most people buy insurance hoping never to have to rely on it. They pay policy premiums for years without making a claim, expecting that their insurance company will do the right thing if an unexpected, catastrophic event occurs, such as a car accident. However, the reality is that insurance companies often fail to make payments or provide coverage when their policyholders need them the most.

At Matthews Injury Law, our Sarasota and Tampa personal injury lawyers are experienced in scrutinizing insurance policies. By doing this, we help ensure that our clients receive the full amount of coverage that they are entitled to from their insurance companies.

Why Insurance Claims are Denied

Insurance companies are for-profit entities. Paying insurance claims fairly as they are contracted to do doesn’t protect the insurance companies’ profits. Instead, they frequently attempt to twist the interpretation of their policies and confuse their policies' language to partially or fully avoid paying claims. Other times, insurance companies commonly undervalue claims made against their policies. Common reasons why accident claims are disputed include:

Some insurance companies go so far as to deny nearly every claim. They only investigate a claim if the claimant pursues legal action. If you’re filing an insurance claim, it’s critical to have representation from a Sarasota and Tampa personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

What is Bad Faith?

An insurance company acts in bad faith when it doesn’t meet its’ contractual obligation to resolve your claim when it could have. Unethically alleging reasons why your claim is denied or won’t be fully paid is bad faith. In these situations, a skilled Sarasota and Tampa personal injury attorney can help prove and maximize your claim, enforcing the contract between you and your insurance company. Insurance companies that act in bad faith not only owe their policyholder a full and fair payout for their claim, but they can also be subjected to a separate claim of bad faith for breach of contract.

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At Matthews Injury Law, we hold insurance companies accountable for their policies. We are highly familiar with their tactics and excuses and know how to manage them. Often, once an insurance company knows the claimant has obtained legal counsel, they begin to take the claim seriously. Those who hire a Sarasota and Tampa personal injury lawyer generally receive more compensation than those who don’t. You paid your policy premiums, and you deserve access to the coverage you’ve paid for. If the insurance company is denying or minimizing your claim, we can help. Call 813-530-1000 or contact us online to schedule your no-obligation case consultation today