UPS Delivery Truck Accidents

United Parcel Service is one of the largest delivery companies in the United States. UPS has more than 22,000 trailers and 5,900 vehicles. UPS drivers are trained to be as efficient as possible, but meeting strict deadlines can force UPS drivers to drive recklessly. Speeding and driver fatigue are two factors that increase the risk of serious UPS delivery truck accidents. Distracted driving is also common among drivers who become bored behind the wheel for long shifts each day.

UPS truck accidents are particularly dangerous, as these trucks often crash in our own neighborhoods. When making deliveries to local homes and businesses, the delivery drivers might hit other moving cars, parked cars, pedestrians, cyclists, or children playing outside. These vehicles are much larger than consumer cars, so they often cause significant damage and injuries when they crash.

When a UPS delivery driver causes a delivery truck accident, the fault not only lies with the negligent driver but also with the United Parcel Service corporation itself. This is because the legal principle of strict liability applies and holds employers accountable for the harm caused by negligent employees on the job.

While it is good news that the corporate insurance policies - which often have much higher limits - will likely cover your losses, this can complicate the claims process. You can be sure that the insurance company for UPS knows how to minimize liability for the company, reducing or denying claims whenever possible. These corporate insurers can take advantage of injured accident victims, so you want a truck accident attorney advocating for you and standing up to these insurers.

FedEx Delivery Truck Accidents

FedEx delivery truck drivers are involved in a significant number of accidents across the country. FedEx is a company that often challenges delivery truck injury claims. The company may try to deny liability or not accept fault for the accident. The attorneys representing FedEx may try to use legal tactics to try to force you to accept less than you deserve or give up on your legal claims.

Some tactics that the FedEx corporate insurance company might use include:

When you are undergoing medical care for FedEx delivery truck injuries, the last thing you need is to go back and forth with insurance adjusters and worry whether a settlement is adequate. You should be focusing on your physical recovery and leave the claim process to our experienced legal team. We are not afraid to push back against insurers who are trying to shortchange your financial recovery, so begin the case evaluation process with us today.

Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

Amazon has changed the way many of us get the consumer products we need to live our lives. Whether you’re buying groceries or appliances, Amazon likely has what you are looking for. Furthermore, in many places, you can get the products that you order in a matter of days - or even hours, in some cases.

All of this online ordering requires goods to be moved from place to place, and that in turn requires delivery trucks. Unfortunately, more trucks on the road can mean more accidents involving large commercial vehicles, which have the potential to result in extremely serious injury. Trucks involving Amazon delivery trucks can cause injuries such as:

When these crashes are the result of a truck driver’s negligence, victims can often recover compensation by filing a claim against Amazon or the business with which Amazon has contracted to ship their products. Examples of the damages that you may be able to recover include medical expenses, lost income, lost quality of life, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and property damage. Importantly, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can significantly increase the chances of getting the compensation you deserve under the law.