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Motorcyclists ride their bikes because they love the feel of riding on the open road. Unfortunately, due to other motorists’ negligent actions, riding motorcycles in Florida can be a dangerous or fatal activity. In fact, there have been 7,269 motorcycle crashes in the state this 2022. These crashes have resulted in 6,299 injuries and 461 deaths.

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle crash or if a loved one was killed in one, reach out to the Tampa and Sarasota motorcycle accident lawyer for a free and confidential case review.

Common Motorcycle FAQ’s

Motorcycle accidents are traumatic experiences, and you can face a difficult journey to recovery in the aftermath. While you are dealing with your injuries and medical treatment, many questions can arise. Here are some brief answers to questions that our Sarasota and Tampa motorcycle accident attorneys frequently hear. To discuss your specific case, contact our legal team directly.

How do I know what caused my motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle crashes can happen in an instant and often without any warning to the motorcyclist. If a car suddenly hits you, it can be difficult to know why the crash occurred and who might be to blame. The right law firm will have the resources needed to investigate your accident and advise you who should be responsible for your losses.

Do I file a claim with my PIP insurance?

After a car accident, your required personal injury protection (PIP) policy should cover at least some of your losses. However, PIP only applies to vehicles with four or more wheels. This means that motorcyclists should always carry a separate motorcycle insurance policy just in case.

Because no-fault coverage does not apply to motorcycles, injured motorcyclists can file a claim against the at-fault party if they have liability coverage. If not, they might need to file a claim with their own uninsured motorist policy. If an insurance claim is unsuccessful in obtaining full compensation, an injured victim can file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.

How much is my motorcycle accident claim worth?

This question is impossible to answer without reviewing the facts of your case. Often, the value of a case correlates directly with the severity and effects of the injuries involved. Some losses for which you can seek compensation include:

The best way to know the value of your claim is to have our motorcycle accident lawyers review your losses.

Common Causes of Tampa and Sarasota Motorcycle Crashes

Most motorcycle crashes happen because of other motorists’ negligence. Our Tampa and Sarasota motorcycle accident lawyers have handled motorcycle accidents resulting from:

Motorcycle Crashes in Sarasota

Accidents involving motorcyclists happen more often than you might think in the Tampa and Sarasota areas. There are varying causes of these crashes, but many of them are fatal or life-changing. Some recent incidents include:

What Our Tampa and Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Do For Your Case

Following a serious motorcycle crash, injured victims are typically just trying to deal with their injuries and struggling to make ends meet. Just getting through their daily life can be a real challenge, adding to that the overwhelming process of getting evidence for their claim and communicating with the at-fault party’s insurer and lawyers.

When you work with the Tampa and Sarasota motorcycle accident lawyers of Matthews Injury Law, they will:

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A motorcycle accident can happen and change your life when you least expect it. While you cannot always prevent these crashes, you can protect your rights after suffering injuries. Always get the medical attention you need, and then begin thinking about seeking compensation for your losses with the right legal assistance. Never hesitate to speak with a Tampa and Sarasota motorcycle accident lawyer.