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In 2021, there were 5,891 crashes that resulted in 3,385 injuries and 46 deaths in Sarasota. But what’s more tragic is that most of these auto accidents could’ve been prevented if all motorists drove with reasonable care and focus. Instead, negligent driving behaviors - like drunk driving, reckless driving, and distracted driving - cause innocent road users to suffer severe injuries or even die in car accidents.

Were you hurt in a car accident in Sarasota? You may be eligible to seek financial compensation for covering your medical expenses, property damage, lost income, and other expenses associated with your injuries and the crash.

The Sarasota car accident attorneys at Matthews Injury Law have been successfully recovering millions for our car accident clients from settlements and court verdicts for decades. We can secure the financial compensation you require to fully recover from your injuries caused by another driver’s negligence.

Common Sarasota Car Accidents We Handle

Our Sarasota car accident attorneys have helped many auto crash victims get on with their lives by securing fair compensation for their losses. Car accidents come in various types, and we’ve handled all of them, including:

Understanding No-Fault Auto Insurance Laws in Florida

Because Florida follows a no-fault auto insurance system, following a motor vehicle accident, you must turn to your personal auto insurance plan for compensation, regardless of whether you caused the accident. In Florida, drivers must carry $10,000 or more in both PIP or personal injury protection coverage and property damage liability coverage.

This no-fault system ensures that many car accident claims will be resolved swiftly without the need for the injured party to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance plan or through a lawsuit. Take note that injured parties can seek benefits directly from the at-fault driver’s insurer when seeking financial compensation solely for property damage.

Unfortunately, car accident victims usually need to seek financial recovery for their personal injuries and property damage because of the need for costly and more extensive medical treatment. In these situations, assuming that the victims have exhausted their PIP coverage, the law allows them to file a claim to recover damages from the liable driver’s insurance provider and their own insurance provider for underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, if available.

For most injured car accident victims, the most efficient and effective way to ensure that they get the compensation they deserve is to work with a skilled Sarasota car accident attorney. The lawyer will send demand letters to all relevant insurance providers, issue settlement proposals, and negotiate with all the appropriate insurers.

If the insurance provider does not want to cooperate with the injured victim or is offering an inadequate settlement amount, the lawyer will take the case to court to win fair compensation through a successful verdict.

Damages You Can Recover in a Car Accident Claim

The damages you can recover will be directly tied to the specific circumstances of the accident and your injuries, including the cause of the crash and the extent of your injuries, among others. Broadly speaking, you may recover the following damages:

If a loved one was killed due to a car accident, our Sarasota personal injury lawyers can also help you seek monetary compensation for burial and funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and lost future earnings, among others, in a wrongful death claim.

Dealing with Auto Insurance Providers

Expect the insurance claims adjuster that’s employed by the insurance provider of the at-fault driver to contact you following the accident. This is a common tactic to try and get claimants to settle their claim quickly for a low compensation amount. However, it’s impossible to calculate how much compensation will be enough to cover your losses this early after a crash.

Insurance providers will not readily pay out claims to injured victims because they are looking to pay the lowest settlement amount possible. The adjuster may also try to get you to say something that can damage your credibility and your insurance claim. This is why you should leave the negotiations with the insurer to your lawyer.

Learn What Our Top Sarasota Car Accident Attorneys Can Do For You

At Matthews Injury Law, we can take on all of the demands and burdens of the insurance legal process, so you won’t have to deal with any of it. We are fully prepared to handle your entire car accident claim while you focus all your energy on recovering from your injuries. Our skilled Sarasota car accident attorneys will:

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