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There are many different types of traffic collisions, and one type of side-impact crash is called a sideswipe accident. This occurs when the side of one vehicle crashes into the side of another vehicle, usually while they are traveling in the same direction. While this is not the most common type of collision, it does happen, and many people suffer injuries each year as a result.

When someone swipes the side of your car, it can be more serious than you might imagine. These crashes regularly result in serious injuries, especially to young children in the back seat. If you or your child suffered injuries, you should consult with the Tampa and Sarasota sideswipe accident lawyers at Matthews Injury Law as soon as possible.

How Sideswipes Happen 

A sideswipe accident often occurs when two cars are moving in the same direction in adjacent lanes, and one crosses over the lane lines into the other car. This can occur when a driver wants to change lanes but fails to adequately check the lane before moving, or it can happen because of inattentive or distracted driving. Sometimes, it happens intentionally, such as with road rage, when one driver tries to run another vehicle off the road.

Florida law prohibits moving into another lane until it is safe to do so, but drivers continually do this and cause serious injuries. Whether someone was simply not looking or they intentionally rammed their car into yours, the negligent driver should be liable for all the harm and losses they caused.

Injuries from Sideswipe Accidents

Our vehicles come with many safety features, including airbags and crumple zones. However, when another vehicle hits the side of yours, there is no side crumple zone to offer protection, and side curtain airbags are often not nearly as effective as front airbags. This means that occupants can sustain serious injuries, especially those on the side of the impact.

To make matters worse, young children often sit in the back seat by a window due to safety standards. While this is intended to protect them, they can be in the direct path of a sideswipe. In addition, a sideswipe that impacts a driver can cause them to lose control of a car on the highway, leading to additional crashes and injuries.

Some common injuries include:

These injuries can be costly and have lasting effects, so victims should be aware of their legal rights to possible compensation.

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