Roadway Accidents Increase During The Thanksgiving Season

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With tens of millions of people expected to take to the road this Thanksgiving season, you must be extra vigilant when traveling or just driving around in your community. The day following Thanksgiving Day, popularly known as Black Friday, is also the busiest shopping day every year, prompting many shoppers to flock to the streets in search of the best bargains.

Additionally, Thanksgiving eve is also known to younger folks as “Drinksgiving” or “Blackout Wednesday.” Unfortunately, this contributes to binge drinking and driving by college kids who are home for the holidays.

Alcohol, Drugs, Thanksgiving, and Driving Is a Deadly Cocktail

While Thanksgiving season is among the most family-focused holidays, it’s likewise among the worst times for motor vehicle accidents due to overpopulated roadways, driving while on alcohol and/or drugs, and inclement weather conditions. It’s also an especially bad season for alcohol and/or drug-related deadly roadway crashes.

Although a lot of us associate Thanksgiving as the best holiday to indulge in food with our family and friends, it is also associated with overindulgence in partying and drinking. In fact, traffic fatalities during Thanksgiving weekend account for between 400 and 500 traffic fatalities every single year. The National Safety Council (NSC) also reported that approximately 29% of deaths during the actual Thanksgiving Day involved a drunk driver.

More Travelers Equal More Roadway Accidents

Put simply, the risk of a roadway accident occurring increases the more drivers are out on the road. Whether by driving or flying, the AAA is expecting about 53.4 million travelers this Thanksgiving season, and 48.3 million of these travelers will be driving. Now that borders are opening up and there are looser COVID safety guidelines in place, traveling is once again a top priority for many people who are looking forward to reuniting with friends and family on Thanksgiving. 

Drivers should expect congested roads, particularly heading into Thanksgiving weekend, because commuters will come home from work early and mix with people who are on their way to their holiday destinations. According to AAA, the top nine holiday destinations, which include Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, could experience heavier road traffic than usual, specifically on Thanksgiving eve.

Knowing where and when congestion would most likely build could help drivers avoid getting stuck in traffic and the risk of speeding and aggressive driving tactics due to stress. Also, before heading out, make sure to inspect key vehicle components, including the fuel system, battery, brakes, fluid levels, and tires, to avoid delays, or worse, accidents. 

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