Common Causes of Bus Accidents in Florida


Bus accidents are common throughout the United States. Tour buses are a regular sight throughout Florida, carrying tourists and retirees interested in seeing different parts of the country. School buses transport students to and from private and public schools. City buses operate throughout major cities and offer public transportation to residents and visitors.

Bus accidents often result in numerous injuries because passengers sit in close proximity and are often susceptible to serious bodily injuries. Also, the size and weight of buses increase the risk of serious injuries to occupants of other vehicles during an accident.

Determining the cause of a bus accident is essential for you and your loved ones to seek the necessary compensation you need. The Florida bus accident attorneys at Matthews Injury Law can help you determine who should cover the costs of your injuries and handle your entire claim.

Below are some of the most common causes of bus accidents in Florida - to discuss your specific injuries, contact our office directly today.

Dangerous Weather and Road Conditions

Bus drivers receive training through licensing and certification programs. These drivers are trained to drive buses in different weather conditions. However, not all drivers are prepared for the hazardous conditions that may arise due to hurricanes, severe flooding, and tropical storms.

These conditions can increase the likelihood of a bus accident occurring in the State of Florida. Bus drivers may not be able to make accurate turns or lane changes during severe weather conditions. Often, the driver must take extra precautions during these scenarios to protect the passengers on the bus. When they do not know how, they can crash and injure their passengers and other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Reckless Driving and Negligence

Although bus drivers are trained to drive in a safe and conscientious manner, many drivers operate buses in a negligent or reckless manner. Regulations may be ignored by drivers who do not take required breaks, inspect the bus, or abide by other important safety provisions. Drivers might drive above required speed limits, fail to stop at red lights, make improper lane changes, and follow other negligent behaviors.

Two particularly dangerous acts by bus drivers are driving under the influence (DUI) and distracted driving. If a bus driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can cause devastating and entirely preventable accidents. Distracted driving can occur when drivers attempt to text and drive or engage in conversations with passengers, and this endangers the lives of all passengers and everyone on the road.

These are, of course, only some examples of why bus crashes happen. They can also occur due to:

The important thing is to know who you can hold liable if you sustain bus accident injuries.

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