Tampa Truck Accident Attorneys

Large trucks are a crucial part of the Florida economy. Approximately 15 million trucks travel in and out of Florida every single week. Logistically speaking, the Sunshine State functions as a perfect geographic launching and landing point to the rest of the United States and the world.

It is also home to about 3,000 headquarters, which include those of 16 Fortune 500 companies. A significant amount of international firms also have base key facilities in the state because of easy access to international markets. On the other hand, trucks serving these businesses pose serious, even fatal, risks to the state’s roadways.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a truck accident in Florida, you are probably dealing with mounting medical expenses and not going to work, hence, not earning anything. This is why consulting a skilled Tampa truck accident attorney to handle your case is immensely important.

The top Tampa truck accident attorneys of Matthews Injury Law have successfully represented truck accident victims for decades and have recovered millions to cover their accident-related losses. Our law firm also has extensive experience with various types of motor vehicle crashes.

Important Facts About Truck Accidents in Tampa

Millions of massive trucks take to Florida roadways every day to provide essential services and deliver goods. Unfortunately, the overall weight, large size, and sheer mass of these motor vehicles can pose serious hazards to other road users. In a minor crash, an 18-wheeler truck can cause severe injuries to another person, even death.

Large trucks caused 538,000 crashes in 2019. These crashes resulted in 119,000 injuries and 5,005 deaths. Many of these injuries are, sadly, catastrophic or deadly. Large trucks represent only a small number of all registered vehicles in the country but are responsible for a significant number of fatal motor vehicle crashes, primarily because of the truck’s weight and size.

Fully loaded big rigs can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, which is approximately 20 times as heavy as standard passenger vehicles. In a crash, these massive trucks can hit another car with the force of about 20 vehicles.

Common Causes of Tampa Truck Accidents

From our decades of experience representing truck accident victims, our Tampa truck accident attorneys have found that common causes of truck crashes include:

Because of the inherent risks that large trucks can cause, the FMCSA has very stringent rules for these massive trucks, their operators, and drivers. Besides the required maximum load limit of 80,000, truckers are only permitted, under the law, to work a set amount of hours. There are also specific rules about consecutive driving hours.

Moreover, FMCSA mandates truck operators to conduct routine maintenance and inspection on their trucks and perform repairs as needed. These rules are intended to make the roadways safer for all road users. But many truck operators fail to follow these rules and even encourage or force their drivers to violate these rules to increase their profits. These violations typically include:

Damages You Can Recover in a Tampa Truck Accident Claim

Accidents involving trucks usually cause more serious damage than accidents involving standard motor vehicles. If you have suffered serious injuries in a truck crash, you may pursue monetary compensation for some or all of these damages:

If the truck accident caused the death of a loved one, you may also recover these damages via a wrongful death claim:

Determining Liability for Your Truck Accident Case

Negligence happens when people fail to utilize reasonable care, and their failure causes harm to another individual. For injured truck accident victims to successfully recover compensation for their damages, they must prove the truck driver’s negligent actions caused the crash that led to their injuries.

Aside from state government agencies responsible for ensuring safe road conditions and designs, liable parties in truck accidents can also include:

The problem is that it can sometimes be tricky to prove who’s financially liable for a truck accident. This often occurs when the truck driver, trucking company, and the trailer have different auto insurance carriers. If you have suffered injuries and property damage in a truck crash, do not wait to seek legal advice. Consult with a Tampa truck accident lawyer to start building your claim for compensation as soon as possible.

Learn What Our Tampa Truck Accident Attorneys Can Do For Your Case

Even a minor crash involving a massive truck can result in devastating consequences for the injured party. Fortunately, trucking companies usually have sizeable auto insurance policies because of the dangers their trucks and drivers pose to other road users.

Unfortunately, their insurance providers are not readily going to offer a settlement that can cover all your losses. To obtain a settlement that is worthy of all your truck accident-associated damages, or to attempt to compensate your family for a loved one that was killed, you must have aggressive and compassionate legal representation.

The Tampa truck accident attorneys of Matthews Injury Law have been fighting hard for the legal rights of truck accident victims for decades. Contact our office at 813-530-1000 or online to arrange a free case review with one of our Tampa truck accident attorneys today.