Why Didn't My Airbags Deploy in My Crash? What to Do?

Deployed air bags after a crash

When a crash occurs between two vehicles or even in a single-vehicle accident, the drivers expect their airbags to protect them and deploy upon impact. Airbags can help prevent injuries and save lives by safeguarding vehicle occupants from hitting the windshield or windows, which can tragically lead to devastating injuries or death.

However, there may be times when airbags do not deploy during a crash. If this happens to you and you get injured in a car crash, you have the legal right to file a claim against the liable party. Depending on the specific circumstances of the crash, you may have a claim against the airbag or and other liable parties, such as another motorist that caused the accident.

Why Your Airbags Did Not Deploy During a Crash

Malfunctioning or otherwise defective airbags are hazards for drivers and their passengers. But airbags do not always work properly or deploy when they’re supposed to. If the circumstances of your accident point to a valid defective airbag failure case, the following things must be investigated to find out exactly why your airbags did not deploy:

Your airbags may have likewise failed to deploy because the crash impact wasn’t hard enough to release them. Your vehicle may also have a specific area that must be hit before the airbag will deploy. For instance, if the impact was on the side or back of the car, the airbags may not release.

Additionally, some newer airbags rely on an algorithm and safety belt sensor to determine when to deploy. But these sensors sometimes have issues. These automatic sensors must be inspected to establish whether or not they were functioning properly during the crash. If the sensors failed to detect that someone was sitting in the seat, this could explain why the airbags did not deploy.

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The main purpose of airbags is to help reduce the impact of a crash. But if they failed to work and protect you, the injuries you suffered from the crash might’ve been more severe. This means that you have the right to seek compensation from the airbag or car manufacturer and other potentially liable parties.

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