What Roads/Intersections Are The Most Dangerous in Tampa?

Overhead view of an intersection

In Hillsborough County alone, 28,184 crashes occurred in 2022. These crashes caused 19,159 injuries and 219 deaths. 473 bicycle crashes also happened, and these crashes killed 18 people. In addition, 44 people were killed out of 595 motorcycle crashes, and 57 pedestrians were killed out of 652 pedestrian crashes. Most of the roads and intersections where these crashes took place are in and around Tampa.

According to Plan Hillsborough, these roads and intersections have also been the deadliest and most prone to crashes since 2017:

Why These Roads and Intersections Are Dangerous

When operating a vehicle, drivers must concentrate and rely on their skills to ensure everyone’s safety on the road. Otherwise, they put themselves and others at risk for serious injuries or death. The following factors make Tampa roadways and intersections dangerous:

Driver Negligence

Driver negligence or driver error is any kind of conduct that jeopardizes the safety of the driver and other people sharing the road with them. Common examples include: 

External Factors

In some cases, external factors or external factors combined with driver negligence can lead to motor vehicle crashes. For example, a vehicle may have a design flaw that the driver couldn’t have known. While getting regular checkups can help, sometimes the vehicle or component manufacturer is the primary cause of the crash based on a defect.

Lack of visibility can also cause major crashes. This could happen during inclement weather or at night since drivers may find it especially hard to avoid hazards and obstacles when they can’t see them properly. External factors that can lead to crashes also include poorly maintained roadways and poor road design.

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