What if I Am Hit by Someone Driving a Rental Car?

Person driving a rental car.

Being hit by another driver is always quite concerning. Many questions immediately begin to run through your mind. For example, is there damage to your vehicle? Are you injured? What needs to happen next? However, being hit by another driver behind the wheel of a rental car can come with even more questions and concerns. What happens if you are hit by a rental car? Whose insurance covers the damage? Should you do anything different at the accident scene?

Our Sarasota car accident attorneys get asked these questions frequently when a driver is injured in an accident with a rental car. You should know that all things considered, rental car accidents are quite similar to other passenger car accidents. As such, you should take the same steps as you would after any accident. Insurance coverage issues will be the most significant difference, as they can be more complicated in a rental car accident claim.

Insurance and Rental Car Accidents

Which insurance policy covers your accident with a rental car can depend on several factors. It's crucial to hire a seasoned Sarasota car accident attorney who can assess the potential insurance policies you could receive compensation from for your damages. One or more of the following coverages could apply.

The Other Driver's Own Auto Insurance

The other driver's own auto insurance might cover the claim since their coverage follows them no matter what car they are driving. So, even though they weren't driving their own vehicle but a rental car instead, their regular car insurance still covers them.

Rental Car Coverage

Most of the time, if a rental car driver doesn't already have their own car insurance coverage, the rental car company requires them to purchase liability insurance from them. However, people required to do so frequently choose the lowest coverage allowed or, in some instances, avoid purchasing the insurance at all so they can save money on their car rental. Unfortunately, this might leave a significant gap between the amount the rental car insurance covers and the amount of your damages.

Your Auto Insurance

Suppose the two previous options aren't viable. In that case, your only option might be to rely on your own personal car insurance to cover some or all of the costs of the accident. Typically, you would file a claim under your collision coverage.

Multiple Policy Coverage

In accidents with rental car drivers, it's common to need a combination of the applicable insurance policies to ensure that all damages are covered. What each policy covers and in what amounts depends on the terms of the insurance agreements, which are technically legal contracts.

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