What Are The Most Dangerous Roads in Sarasota for Drivers?

Sarasota Highway

As of May 2022, there have been 2,348 motor vehicle crashes in Sarasota, and these crashed have resulted in 1,350 injuries and 17 deaths. In general, most of these accidents have occurred on these roads:

While these are known as the most dangerous roads in Sarasota, motor vehicle crashes can happen anywhere. Even if you were driving safely, another motorist might not be. Unfortunately, you just never know when a driver you are sharing the road with is driving drunk or drugged, recklessly, distracted, fatigued, speeding, or engaging in unsafe driving tactics.

What Are The Causes of Motor Vehicle Crashes in Sarasota?

The leading cause of motor vehicle crashes is driver error, which includes:

Apart from these driver errors, motor vehicle crashes can also result from a variety of external factors. The condition of the road could play a huge role in causing all sorts of accidents. Improperly or inadequately maintained roadways can reduce tire traction or make it hard for vehicles to stop in time to prevent a crash.

This also applies to weather conditions. Moisture, rain, and ice can make roads slippery, which can negatively impact driving conditions. The weather can likewise impair visibility when there’s heavy rain or fog. In addition, a vehicle’s mechanical performance can also cause or contribute to motor vehicle crashes. If a vehicle owner fails to maintain and service their vehicle regularly and properly, a malfunctioning brake system or defective tire can easily impede a driver’s ability to avoid road hazards.

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