The Rise in Car Accidents During Snowbird Season in Florida

Image of a car accident scene

Snowbird season in Florida comes with an increase in people and vehicle traffic, which increases the risk of car accidents . This season is when people from colder climates come to the sunshine state for the warm weather. While the Sunshine State welcomes these travelers, problems usually arise when international and out-of-state vacationers are not used to the local traffic patterns and rules.

October marks the snowbird season in Florida and lasts until April. During this time, the Floridian population significantly increases and drops back to normal when vacationers come back to their homes from spring. According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) data , Florida roadways see more motor vehicle crashes between November and December than they normally do during any other month.

These dangerous months also coincide with the Thanksgiving and Holiday seasons, when kids and teens don’t have school and most adults are off the clock, which means they are out and about in the Sunshine State.

Why Car Accidents are More Common During Snowbird Season

The following are common reasons for the rise in motor vehicle accidents in Florida during snowbird season:

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