The sun is shining, the weather is nice, but summertime brings with it increased hazards for those hitting the road. But did you know that the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day represents the most dangerous time for drivers in Florida? Staying alert and practicing defensive driving is of the utmost importance during the summer months, here’s why.

The summer months mean that teens are out of school and behind the wheel, families are on the road taking trips, and drunk drivers are out in large numbers because of holidays like July 4, Memorial Day, and more. August is one of the most dangerous months of the year to be on the road, and staying alert on the road is essential to you and your loved one’s safety.

What to Be Aware Of

Staying alert on the road is important, and being aware of these potential risks can help you stay safe this season:

Teens on the Road

The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is often referred to as the “100 deadliest days” for teens, where teen driver crashes increase almost 14 percent during this time. Increased free time, mixed with a lack of experience on the road, are a major contributor to this, in addition to distracted and drunk driving. Teens are more likely to engage in activities like texting, using social media apps, and talking on the phone while driving.

Drunk Drivers

Holidays like July 4 and Labor Day mean that people are out partying the night away, but when they get behind the wheel it becomes a problem. According to theCDC, 10,497 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes in 2016, which accounts for 28 percent of all traffic-related deaths. If you do plan to have a few drinks, there are services like Uber and Lyft that can help get you home safely.

Distracted Drivers

As of 2018, distracted driving was the cause of 25 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities. It only takes 3 seconds of being distracted for a crash to happen, so make every effort to keep your eyes on the road. Texting while driving is a large contributor to this statistic, contributing to at least nine deaths and 1,000 injuries every day in the United States, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition, eating while driving, using navigation, rubbernecking, doing makeup while in-route, and daydreaming behind the wheel are all considered forms of distracted driving that are dangerous to your safety.

Whatever your reason is for hitting the road this summer, remember to stay aware and give your complete attention to the road. After all, arriving safely to your destination is the best way to start your vacation.

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