Summer Brings More Hit-and-Run Accidents to Sarasota

Wrecked Automobile

According to Visit Florida, approximately 36 million people visited the state from January up to March 2022, a 14% increase over last year’s fourth quarter. This number is record-breaking, and the state is still expecting millions of visitors this summer. Also, 95% of tourists that are expected to visit Florida this summer are from out-of-state, and about 1.3 million of them are from other countries.

These tourists are looking to experience everything the state has to offer, whether it’s the beaches, the easy-breezy vibe, or the nightlife. A lot of them end up exploring Sarasota County, where the number of visitors has increased by 3.2%. Sarasota’s beach destinations, such as Lido Key and Siesta Key remain popular with many tourists.

But while these record-breaking tourism numbers will undoubtedly benefit the state’s economy, there’s also the risk of an increase in motor vehicle accidents, such as hit and run crashes, because of out-of-state and international drivers.

More Tourists Create Hazards That Cause Accidents in Sarasota Roadways

Put simply, increased vehicle traffic means an increased risk of accidents. There are various ways in which tourists can cause a traffic accident, such as:

Unfamiliarity with The Traffic Laws and The Area

Since tourists are usually unfamiliar with the place and roadways they’re driving on, they might engage in risky or careless driving behaviors, including constantly turning to their mobile phones or GPS to navigate, making sudden maneuvers or turns, or driving too fast or too slow. Likewise, international, and out-of-state drivers may not know about the U.S. or the state’s traffic rules, causing them to unintentionally break a law or two. Still, ignorance of the law is never an excuse.

Distracted Driving

Tourists may easily get distracted while behind the wheel, especially if they’re sightseeing or looking at directions on their phones or GPS. Nonetheless, all kinds of driver distractions are very dangerous and can lead to severe accidents.

Drowsy or Fatigued Driving

Tourists from faraway countries or states travel for hours or days just to get to Sarasota. They may drive while fatigued or drowsy because of jetlag, long travel hours, or other reasons.

Drunk or Drugged Driving

A lot of tourists travel to Sarasota and other parts of Florida to enjoy the lively nightlife scene. But many of them also decide to get behind the wheel after taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

Reach Out to a Seasoned Sarasota Car Accident Attorney Now

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