Speed Often Plays a Starring Role in Deadly Car Accidents

Image of a car accident

High-speed impact crashes are generally classified as those car accidents that occur when motorists are traveling at a minimum of 30 miles per hour. The fact of the speed involved increases the likelihood that the accidents will prove seriously dangerous. If you’ve been injured as a result of another driver’s negligence – whether this means driving with excessive speed or not – discuss your claim with an experienced Tampa car accident attorney today.

Excess Speed: The Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports on the dangers of excess speed on our roads, including the following statistics:

It is important to recognize that a motorist doesn’t have to exceed the posted speed limit to qualify as speeding. Driving too fast to safely address the road’s condition translates to speeding.

Car Accidents that Are Often Triggered by Speed

Excess speed increases the risk that any kind of car accident will happen, but the following are most associated:

Related Losses

When drivers speed, they decrease the amount of time they have to react to risk factors on the road as they increase the risk that any accidents they do cause will be fatal. The losses you experience as a result of a high-speed accident are very likely to be considerable and typically fall into the following basic categories:

An Experienced Tampa Car Accident Attorney Can Help

The seasoned Tampa car accident attorneys at Matthews Injury Law are well prepared to fiercely advocate for your speed-related claim’s best possible resolution – in focused pursuit of the compensation to which you’re entitled. To learn more, please don’t delay contacting or call us at 941-877-5800 today.