Should I Take Photos of an Accident With My Phone?

Photos of damage

Taking photos of an accident, even with your phone, can help paint a clearer picture of what occurred, how it occurred, and establish fault and liability for it. If you were injured or sustained property damage, it can likewise help in securing a fair settlement from the liable party, especially if your photos show the severity and nature of your damages.

However, before taking photos, you should call the police or 911 and ensure that other people in the accident are not seriously injured. After you’re sure that you’re fine to get up or walk around, you can then use your phone to snap pictures of the accident while waiting for help to arrive.

Why Taking Photos of an Accident is Crucial

Primarily, photos will help preserve evidence that you did not notice or fail to remember later but are relevant to your case. Your accident photos are the first, and maybe most vital, pieces of evidence that you gather to support your case and claim for damages.

In a car crash, for example, aside from witness statements from people who witnessed the accident and the police report, the photos on your phone can reveal the extent of the crash, the specific circumstance that led to the crash, any property damage to your vehicle, and injuries that you sustained during the accident.

It’s very common for injured people to feel traumatized, confused, and scared in the aftermath of an accident. Besides being hurt, you may also feel disoriented and nervous. You may not even be aware of the seriousness of the accident and your injuries or know exactly what happened. Consequently, it would be difficult for you to recall even simple facts about the accident.

Unfortunately, proving your claim for compensation would also be immensely difficult if you cannot recall what happened. But your photos of the accident can serve as crucial evidence of the specific circumstances of the accident. Without proper proof, including the photos, the liable party’s insurance provider will try to do everything it can to minimize your potential compensation by discrediting your account of the accident, your injuries, and associated losses.

But your Florida personal injury attorney can use the photos you took at the scene to ensure that you get fairly compensated for your losses. The insurance provider will likewise be more open to negotiations if you can present photographic proof that clearly supports your claims. Your attorney can also use your photos as evidence in a personal injury lawsuit if the insurance provider is refusing to negotiate fairly.

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