Record Number of Pedestrian and Cyclist Deaths in Pinellas County

bicycle lane markings in road

The Tampa Bay Area is known as one of the most dangerous places in Florida for pedestrians and cyclists. However, 2021 was especially dangerous for Pinellas County. The pedestrian and cyclist deaths in Pinellas County almost doubled in 2021, even though the rates did not change that much in other counties in Tampa Bay.

In 2021, 85 pedestrians and cyclists were killed in Pinellas County, up from 49 in 2020. In addition, based on Safe Streets Pinellas data, approximately two people are severely injured or killed every single day in Pinellas County.

What’s Causing All These Pedestrian Deaths in Pinellas County?

According to the executive director of Forward Pinellas Whit Blanton, poor lighting conditions, long stretches of roads between crosswalks, and in lower-income areas, the higher number of cyclists and pedestrians all contributed to the high accident and death rate in Pinellas County. The spike can likewise be attributed to significant changes in the peak driving times because of the pandemic.

Most pedestrian deaths occur after dark, and poor lighting conditions on some Pinellas County roadways make them particularly hazardous to pedestrians. In most areas, intersections get the most light, which leaves dark, long stretches of road in between whether pedestrians usually cross rather than crossing the intersection. In addition, most pedestrian accidents occur in lower-income areas where biking and walking are the most common forms of transportation.

What Injuries Do Pedestrians Usually Suffer in Pedestrian Accidents?

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