Pedestrian Accidents During The Summer

Pedestrians crossing street

While the warm weather typically means more time outdoors in the sun, it is likewise considered to be among the most dangerous times of the year. Essentially, more people traveling means more people are on the road scrambling to get to their summer destinations, pool parties, barbecues, graduations, and more. 

In 2021, 9,553 pedestrian crashes in Florida caused 7,347 injuries and 847 deaths. Whenever a pedestrian and driver are involved in a crash, the injuries the pedestrian sustains are always more severe than the injuries sustained by the driver. Pedestrians can suffer broken bones, internal organ damage, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury. Some pedestrians even die.

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Better Weather Equals More People On Tampa Roadways

The easiest explanation for why more pedestrian accidents happen during summertime is that more people are on the roadways. In cities like Tampa, where tourism is at its peak during summer, more people are inclined to enjoy the pleasant weather by taking leisurely strolls around the city or walking instead of driving or commuting to run errands or get to various places.

The number of cars on the road likewise increases since more people enjoy their days off from work with their families. Unfortunately, most pedestrian crashes occur on local roadways. An increase in vehicles and pedestrians on the road means an increased risk of pedestrian crashes.

More Tourists and Locals Driving Distractedly and Recklessly

Because summer is the season when people usually head to barbecues, concerts, and festivals, this can translate to an increase in reckless, drunk, drugged, and distracted drivers. These drivers may cause accidents that may involve vulnerable pedestrians when they come back from their parties while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Generally speaking, distracted driving also increases during the summer months. Drivers trying to navigate unfamiliar and busy streets checking their phones or GPS constantly to figure out where they should go may fail to notice pedestrians. In turn, this can result in more pedestrian accidents.

More Inexperienced Drivers Out and About On Tampa Roads

Although the more enjoyable weather sends many pedestrians out to walk around the city, bike, hike, or enjoy the local beaches and parks, Tampa roadways are likewise flooded with lost tourists, young and inexperienced drivers on vacation from school, and people on skateboards, scooters, motorcycles, and bikes. This can easily create a mix of inexperienced and distracted drivers that could increase the risk of pedestrian crashes.

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