New Florida Law Emphasizes Cyclist Safety

bicycle on the road

In 2019, 846 bicyclists died in the U.S. based on the most recent NHTSA stats. Bicycle accidents and deaths are, unfortunately common, particularly in certain parts of the U.S., such as Florida, which is one of the most dangerous states for biking.

A new bicycle safety law in Florida could theoretically address this issue. Gov. DeSantis signed into law the CS/SB 950 last July 1 to provide greater protections for pedestrians and bicyclists in the state.

A Quick Guide to The CS/SB 950 Law

The following are important updates and changes added to the existing provisions by the CS/SB 950 law:

It has only been a couple of months since the passing of the CS/SB 950 law. This means that it might take a few more months to determine its effectiveness with regards to preventing and reducing pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and deaths.

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