SARASOTA, FL – The Matthews Injury Law Firm, in addition to attorney Karly Christine, are representing a Sarasota family grieving the loss of 9-year-old Roman Miller. A driver with a history of citations hit Miller while the third-grader was bicycling to school in May, according to police.

“With young kids myself, I’m passionate about bicycle and pedestrian safety, particularly when children are just trying to make it safely to school,” said Marc Matthews, managing partner of Matthews Injury Law firm.

The firm is experienced in litigating and taking to trial wrongful death cases like this one, but Matthews said cases involving such young victims never get emotionally easier. 

“Our team is committed to getting justice for little Roman. Drivers have the responsibility to follow the rules of the road and stay vigilant behind the wheel and they must be held accountable when they fail to do so,” said Matthews. 

The Florida Highway Patrol said Charity Lamb, 25, saw Miller’s older sister, who crossed the street moments before her younger brother. Lamb failed to see Miller, drove past a stop sign and hit the boy, before dragging him about 15 feet, according to FHP.

In addition to requirements for drivers, there is also a significant amount of responsibility held by local governments and property owners in needing to provide and maintain safe, visible sidewalks and crosswalks, particularly for children.

“In Florida, children attending public schools and living within two miles of school have to find their own way to school. For families with working parents like many of us, this means children walking or biking to school. Parents put their faith in our local governments and school boards to provide and maintain safe sidewalks and crosswalks for our kids to get to school safely. Unfortunately, our local government officials often appear to be more interested in catering to cars, cash, and construction, while pedestrian and bicyclist safety takes a back seat,” said Matthews.

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