Florida Towns See More Pedestrians

Florida is known for being the “Sunshine State,” its numerous beaches, and for being home to many amusement parks. It also happens to be home to nine of the 20 most dangerous cities for pedestrians, including Tampa. Perhaps one reason for this is that Florida towns typically have more pedestrians. With such great weather, abundant tourism, and significant traffic congestion throughout the state, it’s no wonder so many people are on foot. As the weather warms up and the coronavirus threat declines, Florida cities are seeing more and more pedestrians each day.

The Startling Statistics

Most people don’t understand how risky it is to be a pedestrian in Florida until they look at the statistics. Consider the following:

Speeding Increases the Risk

Already the worst of all states, Florida’s Pedestrian Danger Index rose by more than 10 percent in the past two years. Florida’s nice weather can’t be the only factor in its lack of pedestrian safety. It’s notably worse than its neighboring Sun Belt states. Pedestrian accident and safety experts suggest that it has more to do with sprawl and roads designed for speed instead of pedestrian safety.

In heavily developed areas, points of conflict are common. These are areas where streets and cars cross, cars are going in and out of driveways, and pedestrians are crossing roads on foot. Experts say the best way to keep these conflict zones safe is to reduce the speed of traffic.

At slower speeds, drivers have more time to visualize a pedestrian and stop their car. Slower moving vehicles require less stopping distance. Even if a vehicle hits a pedestrian at a slow speed, their injuries are likely to be less severe. According to a study by AAA, if a motorist is traveling at only 20 mph and strikes a pedestrian, the pedestrian has a 10 percent chance of suffering a severe injury. However, if the car is traveling at 30 mph, the pedestrian’s risk increases to 47 percent.

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