Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney If The Other Driver Claimed Responsibility?

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Yes. At the very least, you should discuss the facts of your case with a Tampa car accident attorney to learn what your claim is worth. Just because the other driver already claimed responsibility for the car accident does not automatically mean that their insurance provider will pay you a fair settlement. They may even try to deny your claim or significantly reduce your compensation amount.

At the end of the day, the driver’s insurer is the one that must pay for the losses stemming from their negligent actions and not the driver. And you can expect the insurer to engage in various underhanded tactics to refuse your claim or avoid paying you the real value of your claim. Watch out for the following tricks that the at-fault driver’s insurer may try to minimize or deny your claim.

The Claims Adjuster Asks for a Statement to “Speed Up” The Insurance Claims Process

Asking you for a statement is one of the sneakiest tactics insurers use that you should know about. Usually, claims adjusters will ask claimants for a statement describing their injuries and the accident to allegedly speed up the entire process. But their main goal is to minimize your chances of receiving maximum financial compensation for your losses.

If you inadvertently downplay your injuries, admit fault in some way, or make confusing statements while answering their questions, you risk having your claim reduced or denied. If you have a Tampa car accident attorney on your side, they will deal with the insurer, their attorneys, and adjusters. Do not provide any recorded or written statements before talking to an attorney.

The Insurer Sends You Checks for Very Small Amounts

The insurer may send you these checks while you’re still receiving medical treatment. Aside from asking you for more evidence and claiming they require more time to assess your case, they use these checks as a stalling tactic to drag out your case until the deadline or statute of limitations expires.

This is the time limit by which you’re legally allowed to sue the liable party if their insurer is refusing to compensate you fairly. Once this deadline expires, the court may refuse to hear your case, and you may lose your chance to sue for more compensation.

The Insurer Tells You That You Don’t Need an Attorney

They do this because they know that injured claimants who have attorneys receive higher compensation amounts in car accident claims than those who don’t have attorneys. Of course, insurance companies don’t like this fact because it’s not in their best interest. Put simply, having a Tampa car accident attorney will help ensure that the insurer doesn’t trick you into accepting a low settlement offer and you receive maximum compensation for all the losses you incurred.

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