Aggressive Driving vs. Road Rage

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Contrary to popular belief, aggressive driving and road rage is not one and the same. But both of these negligent driving behaviors can end in tragic accidents for many road users. The main distinction between aggressive driving and road rage is that road is a criminal offense, while aggressive driving is usually considered a traffic offense.

Understanding Aggressive Driving Behaviors

Aggressive driving is an umbrella term for certain driving behaviors that are dangerous or performed without disregard for traffic and safety laws. These include:

In most cases, aggressive driving behaviors can escalate to deadly road rage incidents.

What Exactly is Road Rage?

Road rage involves driving a vehicle with the intention of harming other drivers or assaulting them or their vehicles physically. These days, where slow-moving and heavy traffic and busy schedules are normal, more and more drivers become more easily frustrated or angered while driving. Crowded roadways and misplaced anger don’t is a dangerous combination, causing hostility and suspicion among motorists and emboldening them to take the errors of other motorists personally.

Anger is the primary motivation for road rage. When road rage incidents happen, it’s usually because offenders are feeling extremely stressed with other issues in their lives. This sometimes leads to an explosion of anger, which results in serious legal consequences, severe injuries, or death. High-anger motorists normally:

But it’s vital to note that anger isn’t chronic, even in high-anger drivers. It is something that’s prompted by various stressful events or triggers before and while driving.

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