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What Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury includes a wide range of events that lead to an individual suffering physical or psychological harm. It could be caused by an automobile accident, or a truck accident, bike or pedestrian accident, an incident at a construction site, or a “slip and fall”, or a dog bite or some other event. Usually any personal injury case involves some kind of  negligence by another party. The challenge is to prove the negligence through clear presentation of the accident with all relevant details in a way that helps to sway the decision in your direction. Marc Matthews Personal Injury Law will do just that for you working with you from the beginning of your case.

Why Do You Need An Attorney? Why Matthews Personal Injury Law?

When you or a family member is injured, you need an attorney who will help you start moving forward. You need an attorney who can successfully handle the battles that lie ahead and who have done it before. And you need an attorney who is fearless and unrelenting in taking on any opponent and fighting for you to ensure that you obtain the justice you deserve. At Matthews Personal Injury Law, we are those attorneys.

At Matthews Personal Injury Law, we serve the people of the State of Florida by passionately representing our clients’ interests and seeking justice in the most difficult and complex cases.

We believe in taking every case to trial where the opposition is unwilling to reach a resolution that protects our clients’ best interests. Until that time, we charge ahead with unending resolve to succeed on behalf of our clients and keep our community safe, and we truly appreciate the trust that our clients put in us to make that happen. We encourage you to view our results page to compare what we have accomplished for our clients. And then find out how we can help you and your family.

At Matthews Personal Injury Law, everything we do is done with a dedicated purpose. The design of our logo was no different. While Lady Justice is typically portrayed carrying the scales of justice, often overlooked is the fact that she also carries a sword. The sword symbolizes her ability to enforce the jury’s verdict and to punish those deserving. At Matthews Personal Injury Law, we believe that enforcement and punishment within the law are just as important as any other legal mechanism. Without enforcement of the law and punishment of those deserving, people and companies can threaten the survival of others in our community without fear of the consequences. We are here to help ensure that doesn’t happen.

Marc Matthews, P.A. d/b/a Matthews Personal Injury Law is a shareholder in the firm McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito, P.A.